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Made in Germany

We make our customers happy with high quality, durable and honest products.
This starts with the raw material and ends with the packaging.


For our collection we use "cashwool", that is 100% extra fine merino wool. Our wool is awarded the Woolmark seal, which means it is pure new wool from the living sheep. The high-quality wool is processed into yarn in Italy, with the end result being as shiny as silk and soft as cashmere - cashwool.

Furthermore, the yarn is free of harmful substances tested according to Oeko Tex Standard 100.


The wool is brought to Thuringia as yarn, where it is patterned and produced in two very modern knitwear manufacturers. We work with family businesses that have many years of specializing in the production of high quality knitwear. Guerilla Knitters produces under fair conditions, secures jobs in the region and contributes to the survival of the textile industry in Germany.

Mini Pullis

Producing a sweater takes a lot of working steps and expertise. Of course the actual knitting is done on modern machines, but to construct and assemble a piece is a manual operation and requires skill and experience.


The result is a high quality, durable and unique piece handmade in Germany!